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Updated: 1 hour 31 min ago

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette staffers say 'intoxicated' publisher threatened them

At the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, tensions have run hot for years between the newsroom and the daily’s publisher, John Robinson Block. The journalists’ union hasn’t had a contract for nearly two years, and Block has overseen the contentious firing of an anti-Trump cartoonist and the publication of a hotly debated editorial that defended President Donald Trump’s […]

Ex-FBI official was concerned Russia probes could 'vanish'

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe says he wanted investigations into President Donald Trump's ties to Russia and possible obstruction of justice documented so that they could "not be closed or vanish in the night without a trace."

Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza ignites a bizarre conspiracy theory viewed by millions on YouTube

Is the animatronic mouse that greets customers at Chuck E. Cheese’s harboring a dark secret? Popular internet personality Shane Dawson, 30, says he thinks it might be. Dawson added new fuel to a bizarre, decade-old conspiracy theory on Monday when he posted a YouTube video promising an in-depth investigation into misshapen pizzas. Photos uploaded to […]

‘We did a nose dive, twice’: 3 sent to hospital after Delta flight makes emergency landing

Five people were injured and three were hospitalized Wednesday after a Delta flight from Orange County, California, to Seattle was forced to land in Reno, Nevada, because of “severe turbulence,” according to airline officials. The Compass Airlines flight, operating as Delta, landed safely after encountering the turbulence Wednesday afternoon, said Cartiay McCoy, a spokeswoman for […]