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Updated: 31 min 31 sec ago

Tom Brady shared an adorable photo of his birthday boy

Tom Brady and his “twin sister” aren’t the only family members who celebrate an August birthday. On Tuesday, the quarterback wished his oldest son Jack a happy 10th birthday via Instagram. He captioned an affectionate picture of the two of them: “10 years ago you came into our life and brought so much joy and […]

Worried about your eyes after the eclipse? Here’s what you should know

Despite all the warnings about looking at the eclipse without safety glasses, some may have been tempted to defy scientific advice and steal a peek. Don’t feel bad — even the president of the United States did it. But staring at the sun for even a short time without the right protection could have damaged […]

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have the most Facebook followers in Congress

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have the most Facebook followers of anyone in Congress, according to a Pew Research Center analysis published Monday. Sanders has more than 7 million followers, Warren more than 3 million. Pew, analyzing politicians’ official profile pages only, found that current lawmakers who are more liberal or conservative have more […]

What is John Farrell's biggest weakness as manager?

Welcome to’s Sports Q, our daily conversation, initiated by you and moderated by Chad Finn, about a compelling topic in Boston sports. Here’s how it works: You submit questions to Chad through Twitter, Facebook, email, his Friday chat, and any other outlet you prefer. He’ll pick one each day (except for Saturday) to answer, then we’ll take the discussion to the […]

Pizza restaurant reopens 18 months after fatal crash

Newton’s Sweet Tomatoes is open once more. The pizza shop made the announcement Monday on its social media pages, more than 18 months after a driver crashed through its front window and killed two people. West Newton is open!! A post shared by Sweet Tomatoes Pizza (@sweettomatoespizza) on Aug 21, 2017 at 9:10am PDT Customers Gregory Morin, 32, […]

How people are observing the eclipse in New England

Even though the total solar eclipse won’t be visible in New England Monday, residents of the region turned their faces to the sky to catch a glimpse of the phenomena. According to NASA, only 63 percent of the sun will be covered for viewers in Boston. From the Boston Public Library to MIT’s Wallace Observatory […]

The Red Sox-Yankees Twitter war in 8 tweets

After staying relatively insipid for almost the past decade, the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry is finally back. But not only are the top two teams in the AL East going at it on the diamond, they’re also taking shots at each other on social media. Things got started back in June on Global Running Day. To […]

This is what happens when a total eclipse happens during the Twitter era

The total solar eclipse has taken over Twitter, and NASA’s official accounts are no exception. NASA’s official account about Earth’s moon symbolically blocked the space agency’s official account about Earth’s sun at 1:15 p.m. Monday, just as totality reached the West Coast in Oregon. HA HA HA I’ve blocked the Sun! Make way for the […]

What will happen if you look at the eclipse without those special glasses

Bostonians will get a chance to witness a partial solar eclipse Monday afternoon, but experts are warning anyone tempted to take even a quick peek at the phenomenon that they must protect their eyes. Looking at a partial eclipse even for a short period of time could result in severe, permanent damage to your eyes […]