Winter snowstorm

Winter is still upon us, as can be seen by yet another snowstorm we have experienced today.  Even with 6.6 inches and more than 1500 people without electricity in Boston, MA, Mayor Martin J. Walsh decided to cancel Boston schools for a 2nd day on Wednesday because of the potential danger on roadways. 

Yet, when schools and most businesses opt to close due to dangerous outside conditions no one wants to be stuck inside all day.  Whether it is too hard to plow your own car out of all that snow, or too dangerous to drive yourself, many turn to taxis to relieve themselves of cabin fever.   That’s why it is good to know that a taxi reservation with Boston Taxis & Vans is the smartest and safest choice!

First, Boston Taxis & Vans offers their standard conveniences like 24 hour service, credit card taxis, electronic receipts, and the convenience of booking reservations by phone or submitting online at  Second, Boston Taxis & Vans also offers a wide variety of taxi options, including standard taxis, extra large taxi sedans, and different-sized taxi vans up to 14 passengers.  But what really sets us apart is our strict standards during inclement weather.  Boston Taxis & Vans is very cautious when putting vehicles out on roads during dangerous weather conditions.  We only dispatch taxis that are specialty vehicles as we value the safety of our drivers as well as the safety of our customers.  These larger vehicles are all-wheel drive and can handle icy road conditions and larger snowfall much better than standard taxis.  They are traction-controlled and equipped with thicker tire treads to accommodate New England’s winter weather.  So call us now to book your ride and leave the driving to us.